Plant Manager
Job Opportunity at Power Recruiting Group

Posted on Aug 22    713-429-5407

Location: Odessa, TX
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4136362

  • Responsibility:  The primary responsibility of the plant manager is to ensure that the operating personnel operate in a safe manner, adhere to policy, understand the plant and implement corrective action to the root cause of all problems.   If any of these systems are not in place, the PM will manage their creation.
  • PM Skills:  The PM will know the unit intimately and understand how the physical and chemical process behaves.  He will learn cause and effect and train the operators know them likewise.  He should become the most enlighten and educated member of the operating core.    The PM will deal effectively and wisely with personnel issues, coaching where needed, and carrying out disciplinary action as necessary.
  • PM Management:
    • PM will train and help develop training to foster a continuously learning organization.
      • Oversee implementation of PSM
      • Develop Qualification Process and Ensure all Operators are Certified.
        • DOT/RRC Training
        • In-house Operator Certification for Plant Personnel
    • PM will safely push the unit performance, through-put and reliability.
    • PM will put into place organizational tools to oversee and efficiently operate the plant
      • Reading sheets, daily performance measures, goals for the core
      • Operating procedures with checklists
      • Budget review of OpEx and cost controls.
    • PM will manage the system by which all equipment is made ready.
      • Rotation of equipment, maintenance of equipment not ready, and troubleshooting systemic failures.
      • Oversee and set daily priorities for I&E and maintenance staff.
    • PM will manage the operating staff to hire various levels of talent to keep a full crew with trainees in place to step in as necessary.
  • What does a good Plant Manager look like?
    • He is predictable and consistent how he treats people; unpredictable when and how he audits their performance and adherence to procedures.
    • Safe operation is at the heart of his motives; he will sacrifice time and production to ensure the plant is operated safely.
    • He makes rounds and notices what is and isn’t being properly operated and looked after.
    • He sees problems before they exist through his own set of metrics and measurements:
    • He utilizes everyone to their fullest and knows who is not contributing.
    • He knows the key parameters for making money and drives the operating core in that direction.
    • He asks for help and resources when problems are languishing.  He asks great questions to get to the heart of a problem.
    • He is unrelenting at solving the root cause and communicates the solution with everyone
  • Qualifications: 
    • Engineer or 4 year technical degree
    • Experience managing gas or chemical plants
    • Managed hourly workers
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